What do I do if my flowers look droopy on arrival?

Your flowers will be thirsty when you receive them. First things first, trim a good 3-5cm off the stems and put them into a clean vase with 1 litre of water and your flower food.

Choose a vase that will support the stems (one with a narrow neck will prop up your stems best) and use your foliage to create a framework that will support the more delicate stems while they rehydrate. They will start to perk up within a few hours, but possibly need a good 24 hours to rehydrate fully.

Note we do send some of our flowers in bud which means that they will bloom over the next few days and start to show their true colours.


For expert tips on how to rehydrate, condition and arrange your flowers go to our Flower School.


If you need any more help, just drop us a line and our wonderful Customer Delight team will be in touch soon.


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