How do you protect the flowers on their journey?

We’ve developed our Letterbox to be sturdy and strong enough to prevent damage to the flowers. We also pack the flowers in a way that minimises movement within the box during transit which prevents the petals becoming bruised.


Mother Nature herself also helps us out here, as many flowers naturally have their own methods of protection. We send some blooms in bud, such as lilies and alstroemeria, which keeps the flowers safe as they travel.Within a few hours of arrival however, once placed in water, your flowers will begin to bloom and after 24 hours you’ll be enjoying beautiful flowers for many days to come.


Many flowers have specific ‘guard’ petals, to protect the delicate inner petals as the flower grows. Often these are barely noticeable, but on some blooms - such as roses - you may spot a few of the outside petals looking a little older or discoloured. These are the guard petals, that have helped to protect the rose on its journey but can now be gently removed as they’ve done their job!


We also add our own netting to some of the most delicate flowers which gives them extra protection so every bloom arrives in perfect condition, always.

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