Is it safe to send lilies to a home with pets?

Lilies are known to be highly toxic to cats and so we strongly suggest that our bouquets that contain lilies are not sent to cat-owners. 

We always make sure we design some arrangements that don't contain lilies but unfortunately if a bouquet does contain lilies we can't remove or substitute these. 

If you're sending a bundle or setting up a subscription be sure to choose the "lily-free" option at the checkout, and we won't send lilies in any of their bouquets.

Although lilies are the most poisonous flower to cats, we advise that our all of our bouquets are kept out of reach of all pets as most flowers won't go down too well if eaten in any quantity. 

If you are still unsure about which bouquet to send, our Customer Delight team are always on hand to offer advice. 

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